Notario José Carmelo Llopis Benlloch

My name is José Carmelo LLopis Benlloch, Notary in Ayora. I was born in Valencia, on the 24th of march, 1978. In addition to Spanish, I speak Valencian and English. I studied at La Salle School in Paterna, what back then was EGB, BUP and COU.

I entered the University of Valencia in 1996 because I wanted to study Law. Among all subjects, the ones that captivated me the most were the private ones, both civil and commercial, which are the ones that regulate the relationships between persons, and that are specially useful in the most legally important moments of their lives.

After I graduated in 2001, I started to prepare the public tests to become a Notary because I wanted to be present precisely in those moments and fundamental decisions. I studied the public tests in Alicante and I passed them in 2008. Since then, I’ve been the holder of the notaries in La Unión (Murcia) and Ayora (Valencia), belonging this last one to the Notary College of Valencia.

Continuing with the idea of helping people to solve their problems, I decided to make my activity compatible with the practise of mediation within the Solutio Litis Foundation of the Notary College of Valencia. While the notarial function lets advise and set up people’s legal relationships to avoid conflicts, mediation assists people that already have a problem, and helps them in a quick, cheap and favourable resolution.

Let me remind you, at last, that notarial advise is free, and that all the questions you may have are important, so don’t hesitate to contact your Notary.